Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Golden Moments

Just when I think I'm really going to go crazy there are those golden moments that make it all worth it. Is there anything better than looking out the window at your kids playing together in the sandbox or the sight of all of them on the swingset eating a popsicle? I try to sit back and engrain those memories in my head so I can remember them forever. Plus, soon enought they'll be throwing sand at each other and sword fighting with their popsicles, so why not savor the moment!

Oh and another one is when they are asleep at night! So sweet (and quiet!)

Psalm 129:3
"Sons are a heritage from the Lord,
children are a reward from him."


sarahjean said...

You ARE scrapbooking all of these golden moments aren't you? :) If only. I know exactly what you're talking about. Sometimes when Naomi wraps her arms around my neck and lays her head on my shoulder I think, this has all been worth it, every late night, the pregnancy, the delivery, the hard work, this moment makes it all worth it.

Michelle said...

Scrapbooking - What's That? I got my stuff out the other day to make birthday party invitations! Someday . . . in 30 years I'll get caught up!