Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Growth

When I came home the other day I noticed something popping up in my planter. I’m not a green thumb at all so let’s hope I can keep this little gem alive and healthy all summer!



There has been a lot of excitement around here leading up to someone turning six.

She is losing teeth.


Going to school.  Learning to read.  Growing tall.


She is always on the go.  Right now, at this very moment, she is begging me to go look for bugs.  Because she got this for her birthday.


It’s a bug vest and bug sucker.  I saw some very cool bugs on the trail while I was jogging this morning so we are going to go do some investigating.

Every day she is busy.  Wondering.  Curious.  We went to the aquarium and she brought her book of animals.  As we pulled out the driveway she asked if we wanted her to read about; parrots or owls.

She wants to know how everything works, where everything goes, who everyone is and what everything does.  It can become quite exhausting and frustrating some days.  Some days I don’t want to answer questions.  Many days I don’t even know the answers.

But I know one thing.  This is part of growing up.  This needing to know all about the world and life.  It’s wonderful and sad all at the same time.  All of our kids need to go through stages and discovery, some happy, some sad, some fun, some annoying.

I’m glad she is growing and learning and doing.  I love her enthusiasm.  She needs to go through this to grow into an adult.  Which our ECFE person always reminds us:  We are raising adults, not children.  Or something like that.

The point being my girl is growing up.  I can’t keep her a little baby.  Nor would I want to.



edited photo shoot pic.s -Kellers 105

Ok, maybe I want to just a little bit!  Happy Birthday Annie!  I hope you stay curious and wonder at life for many more years.