Friday, September 14, 2007

The Things They Learn in Kindergarten!

Well, Abby has successfully completed her first few weeks of Kindergarten. She hasn't been too hard to get out the door. But on Wednesday, I was getting ready to have my Bible study group over for lunch and kind of stressing about getting the last few things done. Wouldn't you know it the school nurse called and said Abby was in her office. It seems they were talking about what to do if you get sick at school and all of a sudden she was sick! She was a little pale but no fever! Isn't that a coincidence! So what's a mother to do? I went to pick her up. Maybe she really wasn't feeling good, maybe it was nerves who knows? But after lunch we didn't let her watch any T.V. or go outside. I wanted her to learn that if she is not in school, she is resting in bed or playing quietly. At about 2:15 she had made a miraculous recovery and was ready to go back!

Today, she came home with something really important in her pocket. It was from her friend who goes to our church. It was a deposit slip from her Mom and Dad's checkbook! I thought it was kind of funny but did call and let them know what their little banker was up to just in case she handed a bunch of them out with their account number and all. All I ever brought home from Kindergarten were popsicle stick crafts!

Dry and Weary

I haven't been writing a lot lately as you can tell! We have had a lot of hustle and bustle around our house lately: back to school, crying baby, house renovations, garden produce and a two year old who makes a total mess out of everything. I have been feeling really overwhelmed! It seems our hampers are always overflowing, we always need groceries, there is always something being spilled or ripped or lost and I seem to be floating from crisis to crisis not really accomplishing anything. We've had some tight financial times lately with a few things piling up on us at once. We fall into bed at night exhausted. I've been wondering is this what life is going to be like? Stressful, exhausting and busy? I hope not because there isn't too much joy living that way.

It seems like in these tough times - and times that are a lot tougher I'm sure - I should be relying on God and resting in His promises more than ever. But that never seems to be the case with me! It's in the hard and stressful times that I have the most dry spiritual times. So of course, I didn't have too much to share on my blog, or with my husband or kids or anyone else!

I guess when the sun is shining, there is money in the bank and we are healthy it is easy to go to our heavenly Father. But somehow when things are tough or stressful I run away from the very thing I need most. If I'm not growing and enjoying my relationship with Christ, nothing is worthwhile and so I become even more dry and more weary.

So through many circumstances; some amazing provision and some heart softening, I feel like maybe God is calling me back in from my dry and weary spiritual condition. It's such a joy and a relief! Apart from Christ I can do nothing and that is the truth! I hope if you are dry and weary, you seek out the joy of the heavenly Father.

Here are the words to one of my favorite worship songs:

Heart of the Heavens

Lonely desert below, Barren soil 'neath the sky
Only death in the wind, every echo is dry
Hills and valleys on fire, mere memories of life
Parched and thirsty by day, no relief in the night.

Hunger cries in the heart, groanings reach up touching heaven
buried hopes start to tremble and breathe again
Deep longing is heard, all waiting will cease
For the Heart of the heavens in love

The sky smiles on the earth, releases living rains
great clouds of mercy empty, one gives one gains
And both are satisfied, the desert and the sky
for the Heart of the heavens in love.

Such tears of grace pour, streams swell into a river
Wonder of divine reflection, the needy and the Giver
And both are satisfied, the desert and the sky
For the Heart of the heavens, the God of the heavens
For the Heart of the heavens in love.

by Sheila and Emily Davidson
copyright 2003 Vineyard Songs Canada