Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Circumstance

Christmas is not ruled by Circumstance. 

Its light is not dulled by materialism.

Its meaning is not diminished through political correctness.

Its story is not squelched through sadness.

Its joy is not dulled by suffering.

Its freedom is not changed by family togetherness.

Its peace is not preempted by dischord.

Its message is not measured by how many people are in the pews.

Its delight is not shattered through suffering.

Its sanctity is not deterred by strife.

Its merry is not missed through misery.

Its message is not changed by cancer.

Its celebration is not dulled by death.

Its wow is not wasted in weakness.

We want to hold on to Christmas being Merry because of good things in our lives.  Happy things.  Joyful things.  But is the story of Christmas any less powerful for the cancer patient?  Or the homeless man? Or the grieving?

Absolutely not.  Christmas is not ruled by circumstance. 

Christmas is about the cradle.
Christmas is about the cross.
Christmas is about Christ.
Christmas is about God having a plan.
Christmas is about God's plan to save us from the circumstances of this world. 
Death turns to life
Sickness to health
dischord to peace
suffering and strife to joy
and weakness to strength through the baby in the manger.

Christmas is not ruled by circumstance.  Do not let circumstance rule your Christmas.