Thursday, December 03, 2009

My Day So Far

This day started in the wee hours of the morning with a line up of girls waiting to get into my bed.

Laundry. Shower. Eggs.

Gas Station.

Gas Station Cappaccino. 99 cents.

Grocery Shopping.

Girl Scout Preparations.

Pick up Girl Scout.

Pick up Avon. It was a make-up emergency.

Reading Group with 5 fourth grade boys. They like me because I bring them food.

Girl Scouts.

Five minutes into Girl Scouts Annie's tummy hurts. I decide I should take her home. She pukes all over me in the parking lot.

Go home. Change. Bathe. Clean car. Start laundry.

Back to Girl Scouts. We made gingerbread houses. Big clean up job.

Home. Slam two tacos.

Basketball Practice. Lots of Drama.

Deliver forgotten coats and give rides.

Home. Clean up.

Go to grocery store to buy crackers and Sprite. It's cold and my coat is in the wash.

Help get kids to bed.

Not impressed with my homemade laundry soap.

Help Mike with paperwork and bills.

Wonder how long it will take for everyone to get this bug.

Bedtime. I have a feeling my night is only beginning.

Hmmm I think my stomach feels a little queasy.


Steph VG said...

I wondered if you'd gotten sick! I'm praying for you!

Peter and Nancy said...

Oh man . . . I have the same barf paranoia! When one goes down, I'm on red alert waiting to see who gets it next. Hope it miraculously stops with one child!

Michelle2 said...

oh my, what a day! hope you slept well, that the bug didn't bite get to you too...and that your daughter is better!