Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Reading Season

Do you get the itch to read when the weather gets colder?  My kids are great readers and they put me to shame.  If I wasn’t busy 24 hours a day doing their laundry and making their food and cleaning up their messes, I might be able to keep up with them. 

I’m linking up with my new blog friend Jenilee at My Awake Journey today.  I just “met” her this morning and I like her already.  I guess I’m also going to link to the books because that seems like the right thing to do.  I like seeing book covers. 


I just finished reading:

Holiness: The Heart God Purifies by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

Rumors of Another World by Philip Yancey.


I am currently reading:

Paul:  A Man of Grace and Grit by Charles Swindoll.  It’s part of his Great Lives From God’s Word Series.  I read David and Esther from that series a few years ago.  Growing up my parents bookshelves were lined with Swindoll books.  His writing is warm and personal and it feels like he’s talking to you over coffee.

After studying 1 and 2 Corinthians last year I wanted to learn more about Paul and piece together the time line of all his writing.  I would not have to do this if I had paid more attention in my Bible classes at college.  My husband is just about to start preaching on the book of Acts so maybe I’ll finally get it!


I am currently reading to my daughters:

By The Shores of Silver Lake by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  I never read these books as a child.  I didn’t like old-fashioned stories.  Jenna and I started reading them a few years ago and then she took over on her own. I went all crazy and read about 8 biographies on Laura Ingalls.  If you’ve only watched the TV show, you’re missing out.

Last summer we went to Walnut Grove and DeSmet and saw where Laura lived.  And this weekend we saw the Little House on the Prairie Musical.  Who doesn’t  love Little House?  Tonight I was actually fighting back tears while I was reading, lame I know.


Next up on my list:

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien.  I’m not sure I’m going to like this but I’m not going to let my ten year old son beat me out.  He breezed through the whole series in no time and loved them.  I’ve been told to start with The Hobbit so that’s what I’m going to do.

Prayer Does It Make Any Difference by Phillip Yancey.  He is my favorite author these days!


All this talk about books has me ready to crank up the fireplace and settle in!  What are you reading?  I’d really love some good kids book suggestions.


Jenilee said...

I love your list! thanks for linking up with a post about books. I will have to read about laura ingalls... I have only seen the show so I must be missing out!! my girls are just getting interested in little house so it will be fun to experience it all together. :)

Shan in Japan said...

I love Little House! When my friend was here from Japan we stopped in DeSmet to see Laura's place since she had also seen it as a child in Japan.
I am reading the Anne of Green Gables series in Japanese right now-yep, I am up to 5th grade reading level! But, I've also read them in English and they are fun for older girls.
I am also reading some books in English! I am reading Come Be My Light by Mother Teresa and An Invitation to the Jesus Life by Jan Johnson. I just finished My Life in France by Julia Child. I also recently read A Severe Mercy by Sheldon VanAuken (I think that is how the last name is spelled.)
Thanks for the book recommendations! I like Phillip Yancey, too, and will check out the ones you mentioned.
Happy reading!

sharilyn said...

i love Philip Yancey and Brennan Manning... oh, one of my favorite kid books was "Caddie Woodlawn"--very much similar in setting to Laura Ingalls books and delightful! :) also loved the Boxcar Children books (though i haven't reread them as an adult) and of course, the Chronicles of Narnia series.

i'm currently reading Henri Nouwen...

Diane said...

a secret garden, is old fashioned but beautiful about strength and friendship, If you have real little ones I love frog and toad.