Friday, October 23, 2009

Cheerleader Training

From time to time our school has a mini-cheerleading camp where the high school cheerleaders teach the elementary girls cheers for a week . After the camp, the little girls get to cheer at a pep fest and a varsity game. They get a T-shirt. This is one of the great things about a K-12 school and is a very, very big deal to my girls. They love it. This fall they had to cancel it because we had no varsity football team in our town.

Apparently, my Abby has decided to take over. I was informed last night by another parent that she announced this to the whole class. She came home yesterday and spent all afternoon feverishly making these.

CakeBalls 009 CakeBalls 010


Page 1: I’m having cheerleading on M, T, W, TH, or F and the time is after school. I will get the food set up.

Page 2: Things You Need: Sweat pants, soft shoes and you need to clean your hands. I have cleaning stuff for cleaning hands. (The school has done an excellent job teaching good hand washing.)

I was never a cheerleader but Abby says she is going to teach it all by herself in her room. When I was at school today, at least five of her little classmates asked me if they was invited to cheerleading. I assured each one of them IF we did it, they would definitely be invited. And there will be cake balls, more on that tomorrow.

What can I say now? I guess I’ll just have to get my sweat pants and soft shoes out along with my hand sanitizer and get ready for a party!

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