Friday, June 26, 2009

The Boys

Tonight we had a baby shower at our house. I had an extensive amount of cleaning to do for the house to be somewhat presentable. E.X.Tensive! Mike had to leave for music practice. Jenna was at a friends and the three younger girls were here. It's difficult to host a shower with Maren and Annie fighting over the crystal plates and pulling the punch bowl off the counter. I do wish that Mike would have swept them all away, but there was something more important for him to do.

You see, Mike and I do not have the same taste in movies. A few years ago when all the Lord of the Rings movies were coming out I had no interest in seeing them. I remember him saying that he couldn't wait until Grant was old enough to do that stuff with.

Well, he is now old enough. And there are nights when I can tell the boys need to get out on the town alone. Tonight was one of those nights.

While I was struggling under the girls' tyranny at the shower, Denise told me the story of what happened at worship practice. There was another man from church there. He also has many daughters and one son. His son is almost 5. He was saying the exact same thing Mike had said a few years ago. He can't wait to be able to do all the guy stuff with his boy.

Mike chimed in agreement sharing that he loves being able to see movies and eat out with Grant and that they were going on guy's night out right after music. The piano player noticed Grant sitting on the couch "beaming."

I don't think I need to tell you that it was totally worth enduring Maren and Annie's "help" with the shower for my boys. May there be many more!

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