Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dream Vacation

Don't you just love getting ready for a trip? Doing ten loads of laundry, making sure everyone's blankies are packed, filling the car up with snacks and DVD's, getting someone to watch the dog - really what a joy.

This is my husband's dream vacation. He wanted to go camping. I told him I thought that might be nice if we had...a tent, which we don't. Then some friends wanted us to go soo badly that they offered us their pop-up camper. Mike dreams of having a full-size van/pop-up camper combo. We've got the van, but the camper has been elusive.

Now we've got it all packed up: food for a family of seven, clothes for a family of seven, shoes for a family of seven, toothbrushes for a family of seven. It's getting late and I still have to pack my clothes. I really need to get to bed because it wouldn't be family fun if we didn't try to leave at the crack of dawn.

And fun we'll have. We are meeting up with our friends in DeSmet to tour the Little House of the Prairie stuff together. Then we'll be off to a very classy RV park with a water park. I know, I know - I'm really not trying to make you jealous. Then finally on to my Grandparents. There's a county fair, fun farm stuff and a family reunion.

Here's to family adventures!

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