Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back to Father's Day!

I deleted my original post about Father's Day because I was going to re-do it. That was before I realized that I was totally wiped from Girl Scout Camp. Kayaking, canoeing, polar bear plunging, swimming, cooking over the open fire and keeping up with 12 girls can do that to you.

So, back to Father's Day. Last year I got Mike a Jeff Foxworthy "Red Neck" Card. It said:

If you think the first four words to the National Anthem are "Gentlemen Start Your Engines", you might be a redneck.

This year, I got another one because I couldn't find any good ones. Although I have a frequent buyers card for Hallmark, I'm not into gushy cards. So this year's said:

You might be a redneck, if you have a cup holder on your riding lawnmower.

Guess what! He does have one and even better, it's homemade! I had no idea what that thing was being that I mow the lawn ALL THE TIME.


All kidding aside, I'm blessed beyond reason! My kids wake up to find their Dad reading his Bible, praying and drinking coffee. He makes them very delicious
breakfasts too! They try to wake up really early so they can have hot cocoa and be with him. All this while I snooze away!

I also have a Dad that's a Godly influence. Just a few years ago at Christmas he gave me a Bible he had read and made notes in. I affectionately call it the "Wayne Pederson Study Bible". It's one of the most meaningful gifts I've ever received. (I cannot get this to stop underlining!!!!)

So for me, it was natural to trust in the Heavenly Father. For a lot of people it isn't that easy. Relating to God as their Father is a big problem. Some earthly father's leave, drink too much, don't care, work too much or abuse.

I didn't understand this until just recently. There was a situation where a single mother was trying to protect her son from his father. I couldn't understand why they didn't just get the father to sign his rights away. It seemed so easy to me.

But a friend who's Dad walked out on her family when she was young clued me in. She told me how devestating it was to know your Dad didn't want you. Even if he was a worthless guy. I'm starting to see the big hole it left in her heart.

But God holds his arms open to the fatherless.

Psalm 146:9
The LORD protects the strangers; He supports the fatherless and the widow, But He thwarts the way of the wicked.

Psalm 68:5-6
A father of the fatherless and a judge for the widows,
Is God in His holy habitation.
God makes a home for the lonely;
He leads out the prisoners into prosperity,
Only the rebellious dwell in a parched land.

And that brings me back to the story of The Prodigal Son in Luke 15. When the rebellious son returns, the father is waiting for him with open arms. In that parable, we are the prodigals. God is the father. He is waiting for us, watching the horizon for our return. He's ready to clothe us in the finest robes and throw a feast for us. He desires for us to come home.

So whether your earthly father is a great inspiration, a wonderful memory, or something you'd rather forget; God the Father will never leave you, never makes mistakes and always loves you. He is waiting for you even now. Please don't miss that message this Father's Day.

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