Saturday, April 11, 2009

This Was The Day ...

This was the day I was going to clean the house, declare war on the kitchen floor and get the laundry done. I was going to write about HOPE which I've been thinking about a lot.

Today is the day we:

worked on Jenna's landform project.

Then everyone else wanted to paint. (Which resulted in Bath #1)

Taxi service began to a birthday party and friends' house.

They made mud sculptures. (which resulted in a very muddy sink)

We dyed Easter Eggs. (Which, of course, resulted in bath #2)

Yesterday was the day
I was:

~going to ponder the resurrection.
~ shopping for 2 quick things. (with all 5 kids)
~going to take a bike ride with the kids.
~going to our Good Friday Service.
~cleaning the(sweeping and mopping!) entry way.

Yesterday turned out being the day I:

~took 3 hours to shop for two things: shirt, shoes, 4 cookies, one Icee, one pop.
~listened to Maren scream more than she didn't.
~Cleaned the entry way and then 5 minutes later:

~took a bike ride but had to turn back due to Maren's crying.
~went to church and sat through 5 minutes of the service before I left...Maren's crying. Then Annie missed the toilet and peed on her dress (I thought only boys did that?!??!)

Tonight was the night
I was going to bed early.

Tonight is the night I am holding a sleeping girl in my arms.

Tomorrow is another day.

Psalm 118:24
This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!! You're blessed to have sweet kids--even though they can make big messes!
I've almost got everything back in order after the weekend! Thanks for coming.