Wednesday, April 08, 2009

My Time!

I was just getting ready to head out jogging yesterday. It's so hard to find time to squeeze it in and the weather was finally cooperating. As I was leaving, getting my iPod going and looking forward to some alone time Jenna asked if she could ride along with me on her bike. My immediate instinct was to say "Not on your life! This is My TIME!". Plus she had Girl Scouts in 45 minutes and still had to eat supper. But I said yes.

She gleefully chit chatted along the way. I was pretty out of breath so it worked out well that she didn't even give me a chance to talk. She went on and on about things from school and her friends. And instead of being annoyed I thought, who needs an iPod when you have your daughter along to keep you company. It was a great way to connect with her, especially since she is such an active kid.

As we were going, I remembered many times that my sister and I biked along with my Dad as he jogged. I don't know that it entailed any deep conversations but it was precious time together. He even pushed us up the hills.

And to think I almost selfishly said no. Time is going so fast that soon enough the kids will be too busy to want to come with me and then I'll be sad. Taking the time now to build my relationship will be the foundation in the future when there are bigger things to discuss than who is sitting where in the classroom.

(Moments like this won't last forever...)


Anonymous said...

Nice post Michelle, I tend to agree that some of the best discussions I have had with our children was a/ when they did all the talking and b/ usually when I wanted to be alone. All to soon they grow up and dont want to talk at all :D


ps beautiful pics

Anonymous said...

Cute pxs--I'm so anxious to see all of you on Sunday!