Friday, September 30, 2011

The Lone Ranger

I love my family.


I love the chaos, noise, the piles of shoes.  Sometimes, though, I can’t help but feel like I’m being suffocated.  Everyone needs me.  Everyone wants something from me.  I can rarely complete a task without being interrupted.  It takes lots of time to keep up on the house, laundry and cooking plus squeeze in quality time with everyone. 

Even though I love people and activity, I’m a little bit of a loner.  I do like some time to myself.  That has been nearly impossible to come by for the last decade, except for a midnight trip to the grocery store.

When people hear Maren is in preschool they usually ask me, “What are you going to do with yourself?”

Let me tell you, I have some ideas.  It might be nice to take a ride and listen to what I want on the radio.  Park where I want, go where I want, eat what I want. 

Wednesday during preschool I did the mom thing.  Errands and baking and housework.  Yesterday, I thought I should whoop it up a little.  I had it all planned out.

It involved these


and this


and  this.


I wanted to go jog on the Lakewalk.  It’s my favorite place, but no one in my family shares my desire to go there all the time!

It was not meant to be.  The weather was rainy, windy and cold.  The last place you want to be on a day like that is on the shore of Lake Superior.  I pouted a little.

However, I spent a nice afternoon in my quiet house.  It was so peaceful.  I did use my shoes and iPod and hopped on the treadmill.  However this view,


could never match this one.



I’ll find another nice fall day to go to the Lakewalk.  And have a cup of Caribou.  But even staying at home was a nice breather today.  Just a little time to myself.  Time to think.  Time to recharge.  Time to be alone.

They key is to find a way to reenergize myself so that after a little bit of time to breathe, I am ready to go back to my crazy, suffocating, full life and love it. 

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