Monday, October 03, 2011

Date Night

My husband and I are not romantics.  We love each other and love to be together but don’t get into the mushy stuff.  We aren’t good at fancy dates. 

Our friends gave us a gift certificate for a dinner cruise on Lake Superior.  They moved away before they had a chance to use it.  We were bound and determined to use it for two reasons.  One, because we’re cheap.  And two, because we would be the type that would not get around to making a reservation and let it go to waste. 


I feel like I deserve extra credit date points for trying to wear a scarf.


As we pulled out on the water, I got this crazy, caged up feeling.  Like I’m stuck on this boat with these people and I can’t get away for two hours!  I think a cruise is not my future.

On the boat you are seated with strangers.  We sat down to a couple on their honeymoon.  Oh, the pressure!  We didn’t want to be the weird people that ruined their honeymoon.  That helped us behave and not be super sarcastic. 

Dinner was fine, but it felt like work.  We spend a lot of time at weddings and events making small talk with people we don’t know.  I like to talk, but it isn’t exactly my idea of a fun date. 

We braved the cold air to try to take in the views.  Please note if you ever take one of these cruises, do it in the summer!  This is the only picture we got.  I think it’s blurry because the lady who took it was in the early stages of hypothermia.


After we got off, we walked over to Caribou and had a great time.


Our date coincided nicely with the end of the 30 day husband challenge.  We haven’t always done a good job of getting away and doing things by ourselves, but it’s really important.  It’s worth the time and effort.  It’s worth the money for a babysitter.  It’s always good to take the time to be together and do something different. 


Anonymous said...

hmmm-you pay your babysitter??:)

Peter and Nancy said...

You are not kidding about the hypothermia! We kayaked on Lake Superior in June, and it was cold then too! So glad you made time for a date, though -- that's such a great thing to do (and for your kids to see). I know what you mean about small talk with strangers though . . . dates are much better without that!

Anonymous said...

those sound like awesome friends - i mean nothing says love like sending someone out on a giant sheet of barely melted ice with strangers in a tiny vessel. :)
i bet we spent our, i mean, THEIR date night drinking coffee instead :)