Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blind Spot

Dear Abby,

Today is your ninth birthday. Lately I’ve wondered if I have a blind spot when it comes to my kids. Especially you, my “middle child”

I’ve been reminded that is a tough place to be. Mostly by you.

The middle child was a surprise. Jenna was 9 months old when we found out we were pregnant with you. Grant was still in diapers. It seemed a little overwhelming to think of adding another baby to our family.

Image (6)

But your birth saved me in some ways. Mike and I were in a much better spot when you were born. Things were difficult when we had Jenna and everything was new and scary with Grant. So even though it was busy and crazy with three kids under three, building a house and the rest of life you were a breath of fresh air. We enjoyed you to the fullest. I loved being up in the middle of the night feeding you. I realized that I loved being a mother.

You were almost born in our old pick up truck. We couldn’t get to the hospital fast enough. And when you literally flew into our lives, it was bliss.

For real. Another beautiful daughter. But you actually liked wearing the pink dresses I put on you. You nursed easily. We bonded right away. The nurses kept saying what a beautiful baby you were. I thought they probably say that about everyone. Until I saw you. Then I knew they were telling the truth.

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Even though you never took a bottle, sometimes you even let Daddy feed you.

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As you grow older sometimes you might feel trapped between Grant the only boy, Jenna the athlete and go-getter and the little girls. Maybe sometimes you feel squeezed.

So I’ve wondered if I have a blind spot? But guess what?

You will never, ever be in my blind spot. Just exactly your spot. The spot God intended for you to be. Right smack dab in the middle of the blessing of kids we have. That’s your place. The world wouldn’t be right without you there.


He made you with gifts and talents that are very different from your sister. Maybe some of them are not as noticeable to people at the age you are. Already 9.

But I see them. Those things are never in my blind spot. You are nurturing and fun-loving. You are helpful and kind. You have an easy way of helping kids and working around the house with me. You are a little shy but I don’t mind. I kind of like that you don’t want to spend the night away from us.

Last summer we helped one of the older ladies from our church with her garage sale. You stayed and helped with Dad all day. And came home with some lovely knick knacks.


Be assured that you, my middle child, will never be off my radar. You are in exactly the right place. The bright and sunny gift that God gave us in a snowy march. A wonderful surprise. And we wouldn’t want it any other way.


Maybe I don’t always show you in the busyness of the weeks how incredibly special you are to us. That you will be in the light of my heart. In the spotlight. And I have enough spotlights for everyone. But sometimes when I look at a a group, my eyes naturally move right to the middle.

And you will never, ever be in my blind spot.

Happy Birthday!


Peter and Nancy said...

A lovely post for a lovely birthday girl. As a middle child myself, I can tell you that your words will breathe life into your daughter! How wonderful to know that her mom knows her well and notices everything about her.

Bonny said...

this post made me a sniffley. Happy birthday Abby!!!

Kristy said...

She is so beautiful!!

Wayne Pederson said...

Beautifully written. What a special girl with a very special mom.