Saturday, December 11, 2010

December 11

We didn’t get the snowstorm we were promised.  It slipped south of us.  So we also didn’t get to sleep in this morning.  It was basketball bright and early.  I just love going to cheer on the team even if I am loud and obnoxious.  My daughter still thinks it’s fun to hear us whoop it up when they score, for now.

After we got through the games and a practice we headed out on a very important mission.



We headed out into the woods to cut down a Christmas tree.  A few years back we started getting our trees from a wonderful couple from our church’s land.  They fed us cookies and hot chocolate.  A year and a half ago Betty passed away.  This year Mike had the idea of going out to get a tree and bringing dinner so we could eat with Clarence. 

They have a great sledding hill.  Well, it is great to kids who live on the flattest piece of land in the county.




In case you noticed, this is day three that Annie has had the “I took my pet to the vet” tattoo on her cheek.


Then our tour guide Joe arrived and we set out into the woods.  He never lets us take the first one.  There’s always a better one on the horizon. 


It wasn’t even (that) cold in the woods.


We saw a porcupine nestled up in a tree.  That made me pretty nervous.  Clarence told us a funny porcupine story at supper.  He can tell a story!


Then we found it.  There were no lights or angel choirs but we were getting tired.



Clark even remembered a saw.


We ate soup and bread and pie and had a lovely visit in a very warm house.  We thawed out, not we are just waiting for the tree to do the same. 

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Shan in Japan said...

I am enjoying your "Doing December Different" posts! Thanks for sharing!