Thursday, December 16, 2010

December 12

Sunday was the first day of family swim and I had hoped we could go as a gift to my kids for that day. We generally go every Sunday because I buy a pass and consequently become psycho about going so we don’t waste our money. But this Sunday we had a messy house, and an undecorated Christmas tree in the middle of the kitchen. So with our small group coming to our house that night I made the very grown up decision that we should stay home. I didn’t like it either because I love swimming!

We set up the tree and got out the ornaments.


It’s always really fun getting out the ornaments. The homemade ones.


Gifts from the kids.


Gifts from teachers.


The kids all found their special ones. Maren bemoaned the fact that she doesn’t have as many as the older kids. They kept reminding her that they “have lived longer” than she has.

I found one of my favorites. I got it from my prayer partner the year I was pregnant with Jenna (I think, yeah I’m pretty sure). It's a baby buggy. A photographer I am not.


And my new favorite. Sunday night a friend from small group popped this out of her purse for me. I love it because it means she thought of me and something special we share.


I’ve been accused of being a grinch on the gift giving. But it’s not that I don’t like gifts. I just hate the obligation. I love giving and getting gifts that are little signs that someone was thinking of me or loves me. And all the ornaments reminded me of that.

So this week I have picked up several little things to send out to some family members. They were cheap but they will bring a smile to their face. That’s what I love about gift giving; showing love. And spreading joy.

So that’s my elf act for this week, buying fun little gifts just because. Not because I drew their name, or because they bought for me, or because it’s Christmas. Just because they are loved.

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