Saturday, December 11, 2010

December 10

We babysat for a friend from church today.  She was going to a doctor’s appointment with her mom who just found out she is battling cancer.  I thought it would be fun to do a project.  My kids only had a half day of school that day.  I had read the idea to use your unwanted Halloween candy for gingerbread houses. We’ve got plenty of that.


I borrow this gingerbread house mold every year.  Maybe one day I should buy one.  I didn’t get the gingerbread made early enough so we used almond bark.  That’s right, a gingerbread house made out of pure candy.  We dyed it blue.



Pour it in the chilled mold and refrigerate.  Then pop the pieces out.


Get plenty of frosting ready.  Using the spritz gun worked really well.  But so did the baggie.


An architect or engineer I am not but we got it together.


Then it’s time for the kids to go to work.  I wish I could say they were responsible for the dilapidated roof but they aren’t.


The more frosting and candy the better.


It’s really fun to have the kinds of conversations kids have when they are busy working at a project. 


There are no rules against eating the candy.


Or looking like a construction worker with a jackhammer and cigarette.

If you have a masterpiece like this


and the kitchen looks like this


and the kids are covered in frosting, then it was a success.


Wayne Pederson said...

What great fun! Will it still be together when we're there on Tuesday?

Peter and Nancy said...

HA! Before I scrolled down below the picture, I was thinking your girl looked like she had a bad habit -- then I laughed out loud when I read your caption! And I love that you let the kids do the decorating all by themselves.

I'm also a queen of using baggies to decorate cakes.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em . . . *cough, wheeze*

Kathryn said...

I love this...can we come next time?