Saturday, January 02, 2010

Stand By’s

I used to love to shop. I worked at Nordstrom’s and Dayton’s and had an employee discount.  I bought so much my mom got mad.  She counted 50 pairs of shoes and declared No more!  Soon after that at work we had a vendor visit and we all got free skirts.  Of course I had to buy a shirt to go with it.  Duh!  I was kind of glad to move to my dorm where she wouldn’t notice.

After getting married and having kids my shopping habits changed.  I didn’t have as much time or money or a discount.  But if I was desperate I could always go into Kohl’s or JC Penney and find something.  I still had command of the stores and the styles.

Things have kind of gone downhill since then.  Last week, I went shopping with my mom and sister and I couldn’t find anything, even at Kohl’s.  Seriously Vera Wang, that is not cute.  I can’t get into ruffled shirts.  Free flowing blouses make me look pregnant. Even the sale prices are kind of high compared to the thrift store.   My sister suggested I go into “Hot Mama”.  I wondered if they had hoodies with their logo on the front.  It didn’t matter we didn’t have time.  I knew I was doomed when I couldn’t find anything I liked shopping with no kids at my favorite mall. 

All I wear now are sweatshirts and jeans and I even have stand by’s for those.  But then those dreaded days come that I have to dress up for a wedding.  I’d be all over a desperation shopping trip if I didn’t have to take a kid to urgent care.  The last wedding we went to wasn’t a problem because it was summer.  I finally found some skirts that I like on the clearance rack.  I pair these with a black sleeveless shirt and a denim jacket, my favorite.  I like black a lot.

clothes 001

But they won’t cut it today when it’s 20 below.

Last winter I had to go to a business dress dinner for my Dad.  I was terrified.  I wore the same thing I’m going to wear tonight. In fact, I think in the last seven years I’ve worn the same ensemble to every event I’ve gone to in the winter. I went straight to my standby from 2002 which I bought in desperation on my way to another wedding.    I wear them every single time I have to dress up.  In the summer I just sub in my black capri pants.

clothes 005

I like things that are long, black and cover me up.  So I bought this jacket on clearance in 2003.  I didn’t buy the pants because I already had some really great black pants.  Unfortunately the jacket is a denimy navy blue. 

clothes 002

So back to the basics I’ll have to go.

clothes 004

What to wear with it? The choices are slim.  I think I have a problem.

clothes 007

Black and denim are my best friends. 

In the Bible God wants the farmers to rest their fields every seven years.  So maybe it’s time to sabbatical my clothes and do something fresh.  Like a new pair of black pants and maybe some new black shirts and nice denim jacket.  Just what I had in mind!  I wonder if they still sell them?


The Bergman Family said...

Thanks... now I really want a "Hot Mama" hoodie! :)

You could always come shopping in my closet. Definitely not NEW clothes, but they'd be 'new to you' clothes!

There's always something more important to spend money than clothes or shoes for us, isn't there? Snowpants for one child, penicillin for another, milk or bread...

Joanna said...

I'm about to say something scary, but I did it a year ago and it turned out really well. Try color. Yes, step away from the black. I used to have black, white, and navy in my closet, and now I'm surprised how good I look in pink, and how much a bright color will help my mood. Try on something you would never normally buy, it really helps expand your options. And tell us how that shopping trip goes!

Dan and Tara said...

When I attended Hearts at Home this fall, I heard a very fun but informative speaker. Her website is She had some great ideas but also I was amazed at who should wear what colors, styles, etc. I had been told (incorrectly) for so long what colors I looked good in that I didn't try anything else. There's another website that some friends of mine try, but it has an annual fee - I like to wear black, too. It helps me feel invisible, thinner and stylish at the same time. However, I found out at Hearts at Home that VERY FEW people should actually wear black. Gray is better for most people. I'm with ya...sitting in my sweatshirt right now writing to you. :)

Christy said...

A sabbatical for your clothes. LOVE IT! You are hilarious!

SahlbergFamily said...

You're so funny! You can come shopping with me! You know I'd love to be your personal shopper and spend your (non) money. hee, hee. And 50 pairs of shoes!? That's hardly enough. I think as of Wed. I'm now up to 83. Good thing Nathan puts up with my fashion-silliness. I'm assuming I'm going to see you tonight in your basic black. Funny thing is, I'm wearing a black dress too! :)

Jenilee said...

Great post! I know exactly what you mean!!! :)