Friday, January 01, 2010

The Night Before New Year’s

Twas the night before New Year’s Eve, and all through the house

not a creature was stirring, everyone was konked out.

There were plans for parties and sleepovers with friends

with hopes for a late night and a party that never ends.


We rushed home from Grandma’s and our Christmas fun

onto our friends we were ready to run.

Such good times up ahead to be had

in our house for the girls and their brother, the lad.


But then from the bedroom came a great cry

a sore throat and a fever that was pretty high.

A head hurt so bad it caused an up-chuck

Haven’t we had all this sickness enough?


New Year’s Eve day the sickness was more than a bother

We snuck in to the clinic at the eleventh hour.

The clinic was closing and our benefits were about to roll over,

“Yep, it’s strep throat” the nurse said with power.


Away to the pharmacy we went in a flash

How late were they open and do they take cash?


And then in a twinkling I heard the phone beep

Mike just had to have a key of which I had keep


Back home to Wrenshall we went in a dash

Then turned around quickly causing whiplash.


The pharmacy was open just a few more minutes

we got all the cards copies and paperwork finished.

We took our medicine and headed straight home

When not feeling well it is no fun to roam.


All the night we partied, we partied a lot

we saw some good movies and wiped up some snot.

We served up a cocktail of amoxicillin and ibuprofen

and tried to be quiet so the sick ones weren’t woken.

NewYears 042


Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more

of toys, blankets and bodies all over the floor.


NewYears 040 NewYears 041


I thought what a night, what a horrible night

It’s New Years Eve, this just isn’t right!

I looked around at the pajamed diseased

and hoped that the sickness in the new year would cease.


Just when I thought I couldn’t be more depressed

I sat down and snuggled in for a rest.

We were all together safe and right cozy

What did it matter if some cheeks were too rosy?


I think when I look back at this holiday

“What a great New Years!” is what I might say.

NewYears 039


And then I might say as I cuddle with Snow White:

Happy New Year to all and to all a good-night.


Anonymous said...

Wow--that was great--It made me chuckle. Thanks for the fun Christmas, just wish your family would have avoided the last "gift"!


Christy said...

cute! But sorry that they got sick. Glad to see Maren wearing her dress!

Steph VG said...


Not that everyone was sick, but the story-telling, poetry, and moral.

All awesome.

Happy new year!