Monday, May 25, 2009


When I was younger and skinnier and richer I loved shopping. I worked at several retail stores and spent A LOT of money of clothes, shoes and purses. My sister and I used to tease our Mom about her clothes. She wore the stuff we wouldn't be caught dead in anymore and always had her "uniform". It was her go-to outfit which she wore for everything.

I realize now that I have come to follow in her footsteps and she in mine. She is much more fashionable and trendy than I am. Sometimes she gives me a little friendly advice about things I should stop wearing. And now, I like to have a uniform. However, mine must be given to me free or found extremely cheap. Then I wear it all the time. Sometimes I think, oh no, my sweatshirt is dirty whatever will I wear. Or, I better not wear my sweatshirt today because I'll definitely want to wear it tomorrow when I have to ________. (take out the garbage, go to the grocery store, do laundry, go to baseball.)

This has been my stand by for the last couple years little while.

I bought it on clearance for $10 at the mall. I wish I would have bought 6 more so I would have a clean one for every day of the week. The hooded zip up is great for so many reasons. Lots of pockets, plenty of fabric for covering and living near beautifully frigid Lake Superior you always need something warm and yet it can be wrapped around the waist on those few warm days. But I am getting a little tired of this and need more options when it is dirty so I went to a second hand store and picked up my new uniform. In fact, I have it on right now. It's a little dirty because I've been wearing it since I bought it.

As luck might have it, I also found a long sleeved t-shirt. I was in a hurry since the fam was waiting in the van, but I was taken by the picture of pizza on the shirt so I added that to my purchase and went home. When I tried it on I realized I had overlooked a few things.

Yep, there's a pictures of a scantilly clad lady on it and a slogan about something rising which may or may not be referring to pizza crust. How could I have missed that? I don't know but pizza always distracts me - which might be why I am always wearing big baggie sweatshirts! So I was thinking I couldn't wear it and I was devestated. You can't return things to second hand stores. I thought for sure it would have a place in my new uniform. But then I realized I would be wearing my blue sweatshirt anyway! It won't show. See, that's why I love it so, so much.


Bonny said...

Michelle, you buying this shirt is SERIOUSLY more than just a little bit funny!

Peter and Nancy said...

Ha ha ha ha! I have a uniform myself, supplemented every few years by something fashionable from TJ Maxx (ususally when a wedding or something looms on the radar, and I have to dress up). You cracked me up!
-- Nancy (Jenn J's friend)

Laura said...

I'm just waiting to catch you in a public place on an unseasonably warm day when you MUST shed your sweatshirt and you are wearing that AWEsome shirt while someone is judging you assuming you are a white-trash-mom rather than an upstanding super-mom/pastors' wife :)