Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Details of Discontent: Part 3.2 ~ Chronic Health Problems



When I was thinking about seeking out someone to write about chronic health problems, two people came to mind.  One was Stephanie who you heard from yesterday.  The other was Deb Hansen.  She is a Village Missionary in Nebraska with her husband, John.  I know my husband would love them because they are Husker fans too. 

Deb is someone that has great wisdom and insight.  She’s got a gentle and loving heart.  My respect for her is beyond words.  Enjoy reading her perspective on chronic pain and contentment.


One of the things that I have had to struggle through with having a chronic disease is learning that I can't do everything that I used to do. When I over do, I really pay for it physically. The Lord has taught me so much through physical pain in my life. Needing to rely on Him daily for my whole being.

Before getting sick on our last field, I was able to physically do so much more. During that time of trial of lying in bed for almost a year, I learned how to rely on him more and more. I wasn't able to do much but I learned how to pray as I could lay in bed and do that. I learned how to sit quietly at His feet and to learn from Him as I could read the Word to help cope with my constant headache. But most of all I learned to wait patiently on the Lord. He had a plan and in time His plan would be revealed. I prayed for deliverance and He did supply.

I don't struggle with mold issues in our current home but the damage done to my immune system will probably never be healed, but my heart was healed in so many ways during that year. I am thankful everyday even with pain that I can get out of bed and serve in His kingdom. I try to organize my list of things to do and my time by the pain level I have on a day to day basis. Sometimes I feel like I can soar and sometimes I try to soar and know I need to rest. It is a balancing act and I am thankful that the Lord has freed me from the guilt I use to feel. I am honest when asked to do certain things if I don't feel I can do it then I don't.

My main focus in my relationship with Christ, My relationship with Jon and my relationship with the kids that the Lord has given to me as a gift from him. I want to focus on things that have an eternal value and not just things that will keep me busy, because only what is done for eternity will last. The things of this world will soon come to an end. I want to be remembered as a woman who sought after the Lord. If the Lord gave me this thorn of physical pain to help grow me up in this are, then He will give me the strength each and every day to help me live with it.

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SahlbergFamily said...

I've appreciated these past two blogs. I, too, have had a chronic health issues, actually several, for the past 11 years. I see it as a gift from God in many ways as I am a type A personality. I would be tempted to overdo, but it's virtually impossible for me to do in my condition. Like Stephanie, I have to think about how much energy I have each day to do my housework, my shower, etc. Each day is a chance to rely on His power, His energy (Col. 1:29)