Thursday, November 19, 2009

One Hundred Miles an Hour

I’m taking a little break from The Details of Discontent tonight.  There is more to come including comparing myself to others, marriage, parenting, my relationship with God.  I’ve enjoyed reading your thoughts and if you have any more, please send them my way.



I have a daughter that goes one hundred miles an hour.  Non-Stop.  Sun up to sun down.  Day in and day out. 

Citiesnov 004 

She plays hard.  She moves fast.

Citiesnov 013 Citiesnov 014 Citiesnov 018 Citiesnov 019

Don’t tell anyone but sometimes she does care about her hair.

Citiesnov 021

She thinks she can fly.

 Citiesnov 009 Citiesnov 010 Citiesnov 008

But I know she can.

Citiesnov 011

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