Sunday, November 15, 2009

I’d Rather

It’s been an emotional weekend. Well, not really. Only if you cry at weird stuff like I do. I was teary when the kids sang at the nursing home, reading Little House, and at the end of a random high school play that is FUNNY both nights. That’s right, two nights in a row.

It’s so embarrassing and I always try to cover it up. What is my problem? Am I the biggest dork in all of human history? Don’t answer that.

But do you know what?

I’d rather be a sap than cold and stoic because it means I care and feel deeply.

I’d rather be fed up with the noise level of my kids than calm and relaxed because it means I have spent a lot of time with them.

I’d rather spend time cleaning up after watching the kids work together all afternoon to create a show than chat on Facebook while they watch TV because it’s priceless to watch them play together.

Suess 004 Suess 002

I’d rather talk too fast or laugh obnoxiously loud than always being stressed and gloomy because it means there are things to be joyful about.

I’d rather sing really loud during a break in the song than hold back because that entails passion.

I’d rather approach a dreaded task with cheer than be annoyed and miserable.

I’d rather get involved in too many things than sit on the sidelines idly.

I’d rather work hard and give it my all than do a mediocre job and have to live with that.

I’d rather be tired as a reminder that God has blessed me with a full life of activity.

I’d rather eat popcorn and apples cuddled on the couch with my family than eat steak in a fancy restaurant.

I’d rather have a sink full of dirty dishes because it is proof that there’s been food.

I’d rather work hard at rekindling the romance in my marriage than take the easy way out and replace it with something else.

I’d rather choose to bring delight to my child’s heart than do what I would like because the light in her eyes and the smile on her face is worth more than a million dollars.

Suess 001

I’d rather have a blonde haired girl in my bed than have it made nice and neat or be able to stretch out because there is nothing sweeter than a warm little body sleeping peacefully next to you.

Wouldn’t you rather?

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Shan in Japan said...

I am a sap, too! I about cried at a high school volleyball game that my alma mater won-and I don't even know any of the kids playing! I totally cry at little kids singing at nursing homes, or basically anywhere.
I loved your "I'd Rather" list. Amen to it.
Oh, and I love that you are with Village Missions! How cool! What a great mission! God bless!!!!