Saturday, October 31, 2009

Good Moms Don’t Get Sick

A mom’s world doesn’t stop

because she gets a cough.

There are no sick days

and she still has to function in the midst of the haze.


If Mom has a scratchy, itchy sore throat

there simply is no time to dote.

If her body feels like its full of lead,

She still has to pull herself out of bed.


Her body may be burning with fever

but that doesn’t really matter either.


The family still wants breakfast

and dirties lots of clothes,

school papers need to be signed

there are missing socks and shoes to find.

Diapers get soggy

even when if she’s feeling groggy.


When Mom is sick

the very foundations of the earth start to crack and split.


Sometimes a husband might try to help

by letting her “rest”

and proceed to go outside and run the loudest piece of equipment they own

outside of her room, all she can hear is it’s drone.


The kids were told to be quiet

and find something to do

which lasted a second

before they broke into a riot

and it was as loud as a zoo.


A good mom always has everything under control

like teaching Sunday School,

going to parties,  and making lunches

because she loves her family bunches.


Good moms may not get sick

but real ones do.


Real moms sometimes have to stay in pajamas

and lay low.

Real moms sometimes must back out of things

and say no.


Real moms sometimes wrap themselves in a blanket on the couch,

stay home and cuddle and watch some TV,

read books and go to bed early.


And I’ve heard that some real moms sort of enjoy

the slower pace that sickness brings.

Giving them time to focus on the really important things

That “good” moms sometimes forget to take time

in the midst of the pressures and craziness in life.

Is it important to do all that stuff?

And hustle and bustle and leave in a huff?


When a real mom gets sick or her kids get the flu,

though her head may feel thick with mucous and goo,

a light bulb goes on and she realizes it fine

to slow down and relax and just take some time.


A real mom tries to remember when everyone is back to feeling fine

the lessons the sickness taught about time.

The family must return to busy days

but remembering might help her rethink some of her ways.

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Anonymous said...

Does that mean you are sick now?