Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Do you ever catch a glimpse of something out of the corner of your eye and get creeped out?  Every time I pass the little girls room lately I do a double take.  It feels like there is someone staring at me. Or sitting up with a big smile on their face at four in the morning. Or a creepy clown took up residence in our bunk beds.  It’s especially bad in the middle of the night.  It’s all because of this.

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Why on earth would we have such a creepy, hideous stuffed animal in our house?  And why does our daughter adore it so much that she sleeps with it every night.  She even calls it Barney which only adds to the revulsion I feel when I look at it.  But, there’s kind of a sweet story behind it.

Annie and I went to Walmart all by ourselves one afternoon.  As we were walking in, the greeter made eye contact with me and said, “Can I do something for you?”  and ran into the side room.

He came out with this stuffed animal and gave it to Annie.  He said he likes to play the crane games in the entry and doesn’t have anyone to give his winnings to.  She was thrilled and we thanked him.  Isn’t that sweet?

But after being freaked out by this thing over and over, I’m starting to reconsider.  A strange man, a random store worker that apparently has no family or friends passing out free stuffed aliens animals?  On second thought, that might be a wee bit more creepy than sweet.


Jenilee said...

this is funny! my oldest loves her stuffed animals too. isn't it funny to see what they become attached to?

sharilyn said...

a funny story... maybe, however, if you can go back to seeing it as a special gift from a lonely single person who has no special kids in his life and has much love (the good kind!) to share... what a blessing that he picked your daughter!! what a gracious response to say 'yes' to his gift.

(and yes, i might get a little creeped out by the eyes always watching... maybe they're "watching over" instead!) :)