Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sunday School Lessons

I'm back to preparing a Sunday School lesson for a group of preschoolers every week. It was hard to get back to but I think I'm ready. I have coloring pages, games, songs and an edible craft.

We are around church a lot. At the beach and in the bathtub there are often impromptu "baptisms". We sing church songs. On the rare occasion we have grape juice they think about communion.

The other day we had an unusual and exciting event: I washed the kitchen floor. I had all the dining room chairs in the living room. Abby, Annie and Maren were playing some type of "church boat". They were busy beavers but I guess it is time for Sunday school to start up again.

They prayed for their baby that had surgery. Maren sang "Happy Birthday" from the bible. We do sing that in Sunday school. Then began the preaching by Abby and Annie.

"Whenever you have trouble always ask someone or Jesus."

"Always panic - oh that's the wrong page."

"Whatever you say, don't panic, don't worry, it's always ok."

"Now I'll hold your baby so you can read or I'll just put him in that box."

"Don't be mean, be nice, never selfish or your eyes will pop out!"

Maybe we need to clear a few things up in their theology.

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