Tuesday, September 15, 2009

All's Well That Ends Well

Today was Annie's first day of preschool. It's two afternoons a week through our school district. The best part is they get to ride the bus home. Annie has been looking forward to this since she learned to talk. We kept telling her when she was four she could ride it for preschool. Last April, the DAY she turned four she thought she was going to hop on the bus with the big kids.

To add to the excitement, this preschool is in the same room and has the same teachers that we've had for a several years during ECFE. She has always loved that class too.

So imagine my surprise when we were getting ready to go and she starts showing hesitation. But she quickly rebounded and off we went backpack in hand. She would not carry it in because she thought the kids might laugh at her. I tried to assure her that every kid has a backpack.

I brought my camera and we got to the classroom. She flipped out and clung to me when it was time to go next door and do paperwork. I tried to reason with her for a while then I finally left her screaming. Not just a sad scream but a super ticked off scream. It really did not seem to be the best time for pictures.

While I was filling out paperwork and listening to the teachers, I was also chasing Maren down the hall, pulling her off the chair she pushed up to the drinking fountain and trying to keep her from screaming just for fun. Question and answer time seemed to go on forever. But maybe it was because no one else was wrestling two kids in a 250 degree school or had heard this preschool talk four times already.

Parents that didn't know me probably wondered what my problem was. The parents that do know me already may have clued them in after I left. Luckily the teachers know us well enough to know that I am not totally off my rocker and have seen me in control of my children at least once.

We came back from paperwork for our bus safety ride just as she had calmed down. She was happy on the bus ride. At the end I told her, "It's time for Mommy to go now."
She replied, "I don't want to be here by myself!"

I asked the teachers what I should do. They told me to leave. So I quick said good-bye, grabbed Maren and my papers and ran out the door knocking over small children and other mothers.

I really was not prepared for that response. It seemed like we were getting past the point where it is impossible to take the girls places. I even offered to help my friend who had three little ones with her. She had it all together anyway which was good since I was in no position to help.

Maren and I had to run to the store for a few things after we left. I was very anxious to see how Annie was when she got off the bus or if I had a message on my answering machine telling me to come pick up my screaming kid. Diet Coke was on sale at the store.

We waited. Maren celebrated being the only one at home by drinking Diet Coke out of my new dollar store goblet.

She also colored on it with permanent marker along with my living room chair.

We walked out to the end of the driveway. As the bus came down the road I wondered what the verdict was?

She was smiling and happy as you can see. She thought school was awesome although she claims she cried for "80 million hours" before snack.

Then she ate her first day of preschool bribe snack.

You'd think that it wouldn't be as hard to leave a screaming child when it's your 4th, but it was. You'd think I'd be ready for anything at this point in parenting, but I'm not. I am learning to take it all in stride and not feel like a horrible parent.

When she was eating her snack she told me she was just a little nervous. I'm hoping her next bout of nerves will be a little less loud and a little more private.

She's sound asleep now and ready to go back on Friday. I guess the old saying is true: All's well that ends well.

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Laura said...

hahaha! that's great. don't you just LOVE when your kids flip personalities on you, and how it ALWAYS happens in public :) oh, and by the way. i have a mr. potatoe head type character on my chair in pen (that will not come out and does show) and a smiley face (minus the mouth - i caught that child before they were done) on the footstool. Someday soon we will get different furniture and my children will not write on it...maybe. raising kids is always such and adventure!