Saturday, August 01, 2009

Because I Care

My husband is pretty great. I can say that because he doesn't read my writings unless I e-mail him the link. So this is a pretty passive-aggresive way of addressing this issue. (and a warning: put your breakfast down before you read this)

I really, truly appreciated that he dealt with and cleaned up the latest middle of the night mess fest in our house while I slept away. I really didn't want to see all the food that my son had eaten at his sleepover the night before. Although I'm sure it was fabulous going down.

There is something I feel the need to inform him of because I care.

When you put dirty, gross and puked on things in the washing machine, the "dirty" doesn't just disappear or disintegrate. It collects inside the rubber tubing in front of the washer. Someone then has to clean that out with a paper towel, take out the sheets and shake them outside, wash out the washer and then re-wash the sheets with bleach and fabric softener. I just thought you might like to know that.

Because I care.


Peter and Nancy said...

Eeeeeeeewww. I remember just freaking out when our first son had the stomach flu at 16 mo. old. (In my defense, it was partly because -- as you know -- there's no warning at that age. They are just unpredictable little barf cannons.) Now, with three, waiting for baby #4, you do take it in stride a little more. :o) But to have been fooled into thinking Husband did the clean-up and then find souvenirs in the washer . . . ICK.
-- Nancy

Bonny said...

But the chunks, you know, they're CLEAN at this point, now. Right?