Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shower: The Final Frontier

There is one small space of solace left in my life where I can actually be alone: the shower. I love showers even if I don't get to take them as often as I'd like. Showers are kind of like coffee for me. I can't function well without one.

But with my spirited two year old around, showers are risky business. She is a master at getting into things. She can open the fridge, take the cap off the honey, climb up into the pantry, get into the dog food. She even colored all over my Grandparent's new chair with a ball point pen when we were there. Thankfully it all came out.

I was panicked after church on Sunday when Mike discovered she drank a little vial of Albuterol, the medicine that goes in Annie's nebulizer. Mike called poison control and they said it was fine but she might have the side effects of Albuterol, which is hyperactivity. The neb is now in a much more secure place. She moves so fast that I should never turn my back on her.

So today after several accidents and dumping a bottle of shampoo all over herself I thought I'd do damage control and kill two birds with one stone by taking her in the shower with me. I was hoping she would hate it and cry and it would miraculously stop her from making such massive messes. But wouldn't you know, she loved it. She washed herself and scrubbed the wall and wants to take a shower with me everyday!

Tonight when I was putting her to bed and she grabbed my face between her little hands and gave me a kiss right on the lips, I decided that was just fine with me. Personal space is overrated anyway.

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lindsey said...

This is Lindsey
I just read the story about maren
I liked it.
It was funny.