Friday, April 17, 2009

Keep on Keeping On

Even though the other day was a breakthrough of sorts, I figured I better prepare to battle for joy again. It was unseasonably warm for April in Northern Minnesota. After I got the kids off to school, I cleaned up and packed a picnic. The little girls and I headed out to our ECFE (Early Childhood Family Ed) with Annie on her bike and Maren in the stroller.

This was my view most of the way there. I could look at this all day.

We picked up Mike and got to the park with only slight battles about the stroller ride. But once we got there Maren was a maniac on the big slide!

We ate our sandwiches and drank our Big Bird juice boxes.

We dropped Mike off at the office and scored a Diet Coke out of his fridge. Annie brought it home in her basket.

Maren fell asleep and Annie got tired of riding bike. I carried her at the end.

I think they were worn out when we got home.

I think everyone had a joyful day.

Today it's cool and cloudy. Mike is at a funeral and I'm trying to clean house a little. The kids love helping out with that... It's just another day to keep on going, keeping my eyes fixed on Jesus.

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