Saturday, June 28, 2014

Livin' Large at the Laundromat

In the midst of moving, our dryer quit.  Trust me, there is a blessing in that.  It is one less thing we have to move. Plus,  I was not even worried because I have a huge clothes line.  But the weather is not cooperating so there was no avoiding the horrible inevitable:  The Laundromat.

Packing up all the dirty clothes for a family of 7 and heading to wash them with 3 kids in tow is no one's idea of a fun day.  I was kind of crabby and dreading it.  The younger girls were ecstatic.   Abby feels like a hobo.  As I was getting Maytag tokens I assured her, a hobo could never afford to do laundry here!

I am a slow learner.  I have had to have this shown to me more times than I care to admit.  Life is full of ups and downs, twists and turns.  Some major, some minor.  Sometimes the minor ones feel even worse than that major ones.  I flew through handling a major surgery but the laundromat will send me into a tizzy.

In times of change and times of routine; in good times and bad times; happy time and sad times; good weather and bad weather; if there's extra money or not I trust Christ to do his work in my life.  It seems like it is often in these little things that I see Him. 

I can choose to be thankful for time with the girls, find joy in their excitement, solace in a snicker bar from the vending machine, thrill in putting five load of laundry in at one time (I wonder how much these machines are?!  I want one!) and we can all enjoy the wifi!

I can choose to be thankful for a laundromat and clothes to wash.  I can choose to accept what comes day by day with joy and make it an adventure instead of a chore.

Adventure looms every day in big ways and small.  I am going to talk about God's will in my next post.  Today has me thinking, maybe I don't know God's will for my future.  I may not know what job to get or where we should live or how to cure world hunger.  But I do know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my family needs clean clothes today and I have some time with my girls.  Plus they LOVE doing laundry here!

I can give them the gift of a happy mom that is in it for the fun and adventure with them.

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