Saturday, December 03, 2011

Late Night Binge

I have late night binges fairly often as evidenced by my pants size and the empty snack size Twix bag on my counter.  But it’s not too often I go on a cleaning binge. 

Here I was having a normal Saturday night and all of a sudden because of a new Mr. Clean product, I’m scrubbing the tile grout, washing floors and chipping away at some hard water stains with a finger nail clipper.  What gives?

My house has been a pretty big disaster lately.  The Christmas tree mess.  Piles and piles of school papers and bills.  Five pairs of boots and snow pants.   A partially disassembled office downstairs.  It feels like chaos.  Ok, it is chaos. 

Yet in the middle of the chaos, which I hate, I am totally unmotivated to clean.  It might be that the task is too overwhelming.  It could be that I’m too busy.  My laziness no doubt is a factor.  I would rather do other things or nothing.

So why out of the blue, at the most inconvenient times do I go into a frenzy?  It’s 11:30 on a Saturday night and we have a big day tomorrow.  What on earth is wrong with me?  I filed months worth of paperwork.  I cleaned off the counter.  I cleaned underneath the toilet.  It’s so weird.

If only I could bottle this and binge on it on a Monday morning.  Can you imagine what I might accomplish?  In housework and in life.

But I guess as long as I can’t control when the cleaning binge wave hits, I may as well just ride along and clean like crazy until I get back to normal.  Then chaos can reign again.


Wayne Pederson said...

You're my kind of girl!

Peter and Nancy said...

Whatever that product was, can you send some to me? Maybe it will have the same effect on me . . . :o)