Monday, August 29, 2011

My Standards

I was never an animal lover.  I used to refuse to go to the chicken swap.  But my kids love animals.  Apparently, I’m a total pushover.

We went to the chicken swap this weekend.  They have puppies, bunnies, chickens and real maple syrup.  Fortunately for me and unfortunately for Annie, they didn’t have any turtles there.

How do you say no to this?  Seriously.


Don’t worry, I did.  I may be cruel and heartless.  And cheap.

We also didn’t buy a bunny because I think one is enough for right now.  They should be thrilled I think that because honestly in my mind, none is the perfect number.


If we get two before we get a second cage, we could have twenty-two before long.  Did you know that the gestation period for rabbits is like 30 seconds days?  I learned that from a six year old.

I learned at the chicken swap that there are monthly rabbit meetings.  Really.  I'll waste no time getting those on my calendar.  That way, a six year old can shame me with all the amazing things they know.  About rabbits. 

I shudder to accept the fact that we are probably joining 4H.  Because we need one more thing to do.  And because my kids want to learn about all this and I haven’t a blessed clue.

Although I am softening on the animal thing a bit, there is one hard and fast rule in our house.

We don’t


allow dogs


on the furniture.

I’ve got to have some standards.

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