Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No Shame

My legs are sore.  My friend who happens to be a Physical Therapist asked me if I was limping last week.  I groaned and tried to walk less like an 80 year old.

There’s no shame in being sore from training for a race is there? 

I got new shoes because they say that helps your legs not hurt.  There is no shame in a new pair of shoes, that should go without saying.


There is no shame in athletic tape. I got some thanks to a tip from my physical therapist friend. It actually feels kind of cool and athletic.


There is no shame in spending a lot of time doing this.  I could probably invest in classier ice packs though.


I limped around the store looking for this tonight.


There’s no shame in needing Ben Gay when you’re 35.  Or smelling like toilet cleaner in order to walk without wincing.  Is there?

Yeah, you’re right.  There probably is.

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Heather said...

Michelle this is great it made me laugh for hours. I can relate.