Sunday, February 13, 2011

Isn’t It Great Being A Woman?

When we are born, everyone squeals with glee:  It’s a girl!!  From the moment they put the pink hat on, we are the fashion envy of the world.  Bows, hats, headbands, dresses, ruffles, shoes, the works!  And life is good and sweet, drenched in pink.

We grow into little girls who are confident.  Girls who don’t wonder if they can do anything, they KNOW they can.  Life is full of possibilities.

Then we grow into puberty.  We grow too fast.  We are awkward.  We doubt ourselves.  We develop hips, get hair in weird places, zits appear and we get our first visit from Aunt Flo. 

Our bodies panic.  And so do we.  And we grasp onto our Pamprin and Clearisil and wait for things to get better.

We become young adult women.  We go off to college, start a career, fall in love.  Just as we think those awkward years are behind us and we’ve finally got it together, we get pregnant.  Our stomach triples in size. Along with other body parts.  Heartburn hits after a glass of water or piece of gum.  We spend every morning worshipping at the porcelain throne. We have to wear maternity clothes.  Our careers take a back seat.

Our bodies panic.  So do we.  And we grasp our prenatal vitamins, tums and epidurals and wait for things to change.

Just when we think our bodies might actually get back to almost normal and our lives and careers might regulate,  we hit middle age.  We have an identity crisis.  After we finally got used to being mommy, the kids don’t need us as much. Periods change, bladders and uterus’ fail.  Hair turns gray.  Acne rears its ugly head.  Again.  Really, gray hair and acne at THE SAME TIME?!

So our bodies panic.  So do we.  And we clutch our OB-Gyn’s hand and beg for help.  We clutch our hair dresser’s hand and beg for color.  We grasp our bladder control pills and prescription deodorant and pray for freedom.

I have heard when you are finally upon the golden years and an empty nest, menopause hits.  According to the experts, this can last approximately five minutes to five hundred years.  We have hot flashes, night sweats and periods as regular and predictable as a 13 year old.  We think we’ve finally gone completely nuts.

Our bodies panic.  And so do we.  We clutch our estrogen and head for Florida.

And then we die.

Isn’t being a woman great!?


Shan in Japan said...

AMEN! :)

SahlbergFamily said...

On another note: Isn't being a woman great?? We alone get the privilege of bearing those children, nursing the children, rocking them at night, teaching them about Jesus. All the sweet cuddles and kisses on boo boos. We can cry and express our emotions unlike our more "stoic" male counterparts. We have TONS of options for cute clothes, instead of just jeans, um, jeans, and a baseball hat. A wise woman said to me yesterday, "Acknowlege the challenges of each season, but embrace the blessings."

Mrs. H said...

AW... just goes to show that earth (in these earthly bodies) is not our home... How awesome Heaven will be with our new bodies, for those that believe in Him! :)
I did get quite a chuckle out of this, though. I enjoy your writing and am new to your site. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your blog.