Monday, November 29, 2010

On To Christmas

Last week I:

Celebrated our 14th anniversary.

Celebrated my adorable great-niece Rylie’s first birthday.  Maren was so excited for her!


Started dreaming about eating at Old Country Buffett during my 13th hour in the kitchen.  Maren actually fell asleep on the counter we were in there so long.


ran a 5K on Thanksgiving Morning.  I missed the memo about wearing a turkey costume.

served 15 people dinner and they all tolerated it.

played a great game of Outburst.

saw a mind blowing dance routine.


served leftovers to my side of the family on Saturday.

went to Bentleyville with the family and my parents and my nieces and nephews.





was thankful Annie didn’t call Santa a fake to his face.

worked on a school project.

had an adult dinner with our small group.

collapsed into bed and tried to psyche myself up to move on to Christmas.

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Peter and Nancy said...

I'm tired just reading about your weekend! I've been sick, and never more grateful that my sister does Thanksgiving for our family. :o) Love the sleeping Maren photo!