Friday, January 08, 2010

It’s Fun-Do Time!

My sister went all out for me at Christmas this year.  Normally we don’t exchange gifts but since we decided to buy everything from the thrift store this year the sky was the limit. 




Isn’t that clever? Let’s just say I don’t think it was a high end set.  My parents used to fondue in the seventies. I guess it’s coming back.  I don’t get what the big deal is.   It’s just a big bowl on a stand over a candle.

It seemed like a good time to try it when the kids came home from school and found strawberries in the fridge.  Jenna made the chocolate and Grant sliced the fruit.  Then everyone dug in and was delighted. 


Fundo 010

Fundo 009 Fundo 006

Fundo 016

It got a little messy.

Fundo 013

But was it ever fun to eat off a stick!


 Fundo 018 Fundo 017Fundo 023



Maren even helped with the clean up.

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Jenilee said...

what a fun idea! we got ours out a long time ago... might be time to get it out again. the girls would have so much fun. love the shopping at thrift stores idea...