Friday, January 08, 2010


It was a busy day.  The little girls finally got to have their friends over today.  I got a lot done this afternoon.

unfairnap 004


unfairnap 003

and dinner planned. 

As the chaos subsided, I realized I was sleepy.  I was hoping the girls would nap but they never do.

Why does this happen…

unfairnap 002 unfairnap 001

five minutes before this?

unfairnap 005 unfairnap 006

It’s just cruel irony!

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Peter and Nancy said...

Isn't it funny that you can actually get more done when there are more kids in your house? (But only if it's friends, not more siblings!!)

I loved the Jillian/Shred quote about getting stronger when you're in pain . . . pretty profound for a workout DVD.