Saturday, November 07, 2009

Urban Adventure

We went on an adventure in the city while visiting my family yesterday.  Six adults, nine kids, three vehicles and lots of energy. 


Citiesnov 040

We walked across the Stone Arch Bridge over the Mississippi River.  We could see where the 35W bridge collapsed.

Citiesnov 048 Citiesnov 046 Citiesnov 049

Citiesnov 053

We walked around the new super modern Guthrie Theater.

Citiesnov 058  Citiesnov 069 Citiesnov 062 Citiesnov 060

Then walked on back.  But took plenty of time to take in the sights.


Citiesnov 072 Citiesnov 051Citiesnov 056

Lots of fun and lots of energy.

Citiesnov 073 Citiesnov 074 Citiesnov 075

I guess we did get a little played out.

Citiesnov 077 Citiesnov 001

There was just enough energy left to go to McDonalds for ice cream.  Really, what family outing is complete without that?

1 comment:

Peter and Nancy said...

Looks like fun! I haven't been inside the Guthrie for more than 10 years. How cool . . . plus ice cream!
-- Nancy