Thursday, July 23, 2009

Four Year Old Funnies

Our four year old is really a delightful little girl. She is chatty, funny and lively. And cooperative. Which makes her look pretty good next to her two year old sister. However, lately she's been plagued with chronic strep and chronic antibiotics and chronic crabbiness. She is due to get her tonsils out soon.

But today she was her old self. She was absolutely wired that Grandpa and Grandma were here last night when we got back. We decided to take a walk to the local restaurant for lunch. It was pretty hot for Duluth. We had one in a stroller, one on a bike, one on rollerblade and one on a scooter and one at camp. It's a little over a mile and I'm not sure why I didn't see the writing on the wall. I had to call Mike and ask him to come pick up some equipment with the car. Everyone got hot and tired quickly. My Dad put Annie on his shoulders while pushing the stroller. She sneezed the nastiest, wet sneeze right in his hair. We were still laughing about his new hair gel when she got down and announced that she had peed a little. Fortunately for my Dad, she was just sweaty.

She talks incessantly about when she will be a Mommy. She thinks about driving and having a car when she's "about my size". But she could not figure out how she would physically GET a car. How would she get to the car store without a car? I told her Daddy and I would help her.

She is also very curious about where she was before she was born. She asks if she was in my tummy. So how do you explain to a four year old that you didn't exist yet? Is that even accurate? I could try to use my own four year old logic from childhood and tell her she was just "ripped apart in heaven".

The other day she kept telling me that she wants a new mommy.
Me: "That makes me sad. I like being your mommy."
Her: "But I want YOU to be my new mommy!"

When we visit my parents she always wants to sleep with them. They say where will you sleep? There is no room for you. And she says, "I will sleep in the middle!"

Just now she reminded me that I was going to cuddle up with her on the couch. That's my favorite saying of all!

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L.A. said...

I like your writing and I also like that your little four year old is a lot like mine, only with different plumbing. Thank God for our four year old blessings.