Friday, January 04, 2008

The Call of the Wild

I have an e-friend in Alaska - we've never met face to face but I'm really amazed by her and her family. They are fellow Village Missionaries and have 5 boys. They just moved to Galena, Alaska (look it up on a map) it's out there. You have to fly in and right now it has warmed up to 20 degrees below zero and there is daylight only 4 hours of the day! And I thought northern Minnesota winters were bad! So they are truly on an adventure of Faith and I asked her to write something about what God is teaching her. I love her honesty and I think you will too!

Hi. My name is Tricia Hayek. My husband and I are Village Missionaries in Galena, Alaska, and we have 5 boys aged 9, 8, 3, almost 2 and 11 months. When we first moved here this summer, Michelle asked me to write something for her blog about moving up to bush Alaska with 5 kids. I have continued to put this off, and labored about what to say, and to be honest, I still am unsure of what to write about. We moved to Galena, after almost two years on our first mission field, because we felt that God wanted us here, and not many people were knocking down the door to come. So we felt burdened, and came. To be honest, thinking about it in that light, it made me feel self-righteous. Here we were, willing to come all the way up here away from family and friends when no one else wanted to. God has sure had to work on my pride. He has had to show me that I am here as much (or more) for Him to teach me and work on my heart, than for me being a witness to others. I still struggle with that self-righteous attitude – every time someone tells me, “Wow! I could never move to Alaska!” It moves my pride up another notch. Then the Lord has to start over with me, and remind me that the only way I can make it up here, also, is because He is enabling me, and has called us here.

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