Saturday, September 02, 2006

Double Time

Imagine you have a very demanding job. It requires you to work 18 hours a day, 7 days a week and often interrupts you in the middle of the night. There are no vacations, personal days, paid time off and absolulely no sick days. It is such a big and important task that it takes all of your mental and physical energy. It is all you think about.

Then imagine your boss comes to you and says he is doubling your work load. THAT'S how it felt when I had my second baby! How on earth am I supposed to take care of this infant when I'm already totally consumed with caring for Grant? He seemed to take up all my time and energy already. Plus, we loved him so much I didn't know how another baby would fit in.

I've always thought going from one to two kids was the toughest transition. All of a sudden the center of your universe splits in two. It feels like you are straddling the Grand Canyon.

I remember two really distince experiences right after we brought Jenna home from the hospital. One was sitting up at 2:00 a.m. with Jenna and Mike was on the couch with Grant. They were both wide awake (the kids that is) and we were looking at each other like what did we get ourselves into?

The other one is that we got new carpet when she was 5 days old. So I took both kids out to get some pictures developed and walk through a store to kill time. It was a totally horrifying thought to be out with the two of them by myself.

So, what's the secret to survival? Get a nanny. No, just kidding! It is a challenge but I think it taught me a lot. One of the big things was that I thought it would be a negative thing for Grant having someone taking my attention off him. It was totally the opposite. It was great because it taught him patience to wait at times until I finished with the baby, it taught him love and compassion for someone else, it taught him that he was NOT the most important person in the universe and it gave him a playmate which he still greatly enjoys to this day!

Most days I was totally overwhelmed. Trying to meet both of their needs, trying to get them to nap at the same time (ok that one was selfish), saving up money and clipping coupons for diapers and still doing all the other things I needed to do around the house was not an easy task. They were tough days in a lot of ways, but I look back and think about how sweet they were too. They are starting first and second grade next week and it seems like just yesterday I was pushing them in the double stroller.

Hang in there! I'm amazed at how he used these experiences to not only mold me in patience and humility, but also Grant. He's at work in our lives!

Psalm 138:8
"The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me;
your love, O Lord, endures forever -
do not abandon the works of your hands."


Christy said...

And isn't it strange how 1 to 2 seemed like double the work, but with 4 now it is more like half the work? This motherhood math makes little sense!

Michelle said...

You're right, but acutally NO math makes sense to me!

Anonymous said...

This blog was a blessing to me! I actually took the 2 kids out for the first time alone last week and I was pretty nervous. No more help from the grandmothers! I was hopeful after reading that it was a good thing for Grant to have some of the attention taken off of him because I do worry about that too. Thanks Michelle!

Michelle said...

I relate to your feelings here. I have 2 kids and feel like I need a vacation! UG! I was pleased to find your blog through a search under "missionary" - I have lots of family in Minnesota and is where I spent my growing up years. Went to collage at Hamline, rollerbladed around Como Park lake, and learned to drive on the state fair ground roads. I'm missing the fall colors right now.