Friday, December 23, 2011

Better With Age, Part Two

I had been writing a post about Grant turning thirteen in my head this week, patting myself on the back for not worrying about the teenage years.  Then I received some pictures of my nieces and daughters in the mail from my aunt. 

All of a sudden my perspective changed a bit.  These were taken just a few short years ago…DSCN3163

and this..


And now this?

girl cousins


Can you imagine what we will be dealing with in a few short years?  I know.  It’s a little terrifying.  I’m kind of thinking about locking the doors and getting out the burlap sack dresses.  Who knows what Mike is thinking! 

But if they transform as much in the next few years as they did in the last few, we’re going to have a swarm of teenage boys outside our house. 

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