Wednesday, November 16, 2011

God Is Real

The following is a guest post by a mystery blogger.

Some people say they don’t believe in God.  To me that was crazy.  Now it is ultra crazy!  I am going to tell you a story about an eleven year old girl who was at a turning point in her life.

Let’s give this girl a name shall we?  Let’s call her Maggie.  Maggie was an eleven year old girl who had just gone to a Bright Lights conference with some friends.  She was super excited.  She decided to pray and read her Bible more.  So when she got home that Tuesday night, she prayed.  She prayed for a baby animal of any sort.  Well, she kind of thought it wouldn’t happen because they already had two dogs and two bunnies.  But she prayed anyway.  Maggie prayed every night for six days.

On the seventh day Maggie and her mom were coming back from volleyball.  When they got out of the car they heard a faint siren sound.  They weren’t sure what it was but then a kitten came running out from under the porch.  her mom was wary about it but Maggie wasn’t.  She ran inside and told her dad about the kitten.  Her sister Abby came out and wanted to help.


Maggie put blankets inside and Abby put dog food in a dish.  Maggie got hot milk and put it in a bowl.  They shut the gate and went inside to try to fall asleep.

In the morning all the girls (there were four of them) ran out to take care of the cat.  They all wanted to help.  Their mom and dad announced that they were going to try and find the owner.


The brother, Grant, wanted to know if they were going to keep it.  He didn’t want to.  The days flew by.  Everyone had fun with the cat.  On Saturday, Maggie went around to all the houses near them to see if the cat belonged to anyone.  No one knew who it belonged to.  So Maggie biked to the local gas station and put up a found sign and bought some cat food.

The next day Maggie’s mom got facebooked that Maggie’s bus driver was missing two calico kittens.  The kids had started to call the cat Cassie.  The bus driver’s daughter came and looked at the kitten.  It was hers.  The cat’s real name was Dolly.  Maggie was disappointed for a few days but got over it. 

In the process of looking for the owner of the cat, Maggie met a neighbor with kittens.  She offered to give one to Maggie.  Maggie’s super awesome Mom and Dad let them get a kitten to keep to replace the one they had to give back.  She is an orange tabby cat.  She is four months old and they named her Juliette.  Here is a picture.



Oh by the way, Maggie’s real name is Jenna.  Jenna Keller.  Yep, you guessed it.  I was that little girl.  Juliette still lives to the day.  So that just proves God is real and he answers prayers.  Whenever in doubt think about me and the cats, then pray.  God listens.  I can promise you that.

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Anonymous said...

Jenna--you're taking after your Mom! Great writing and I'm so glad you got your kitten!

Grandma P