Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dear 21 Year Old Me,

Dear 21 Year Old Me,

I know you are super excited that you are getting married. It's a big deal. A huge moment in life. But, FYI, the world does not revolve around you.

Dear 21 Year Old Me,

I know it's the 90's and wedding dresses with long puffy sleeves and sweetheart necklines are all the rage. But, trust me, don't do it. Just like the rolling and pinning of your jeans, you'll look back with regret. Go strapless. It might be bold but it's the wave of the future.

Dear 21 Year Old Me,

I know you've spent hours searching for the perfect dress and shoes. But it's not about the dress. Do yourself a favor and think beyond the dress and the flowers and think about the future.

Dear 21 Year Old Me,

I know you have dreams of getting sparkly anniversary bands on your anniversary. 15 years seems like a good time to do it. I hate to break it to you but the only shiny things you'll be spending big bucks on in the near future are braces.

Dear 21 Year Old Me,

Ignore the advice in all those wedding cards and well wishers to "follow your dreams". Very few people get to do that. Even if you try and succeed, you'll find it hollow in the end.

Instead, follow hard after Jesus. Make His plan your dream and you'll be in a good place.

Oh and maybe put some of that cash from the wedding cards away for braces.

Dear 21 Year Old Me,

Don't worry about the little things. Enjoy every day God gives you together. Don't waste your time being petty, argumentative or distracted. Focus on living full of love and grace. If you pour the same love and forgiveness on your marriage that God has poured on you, things will be grand.

Don't buy the story that a nice house or lots of money will make you happy. You'll find out the hard way that you can be content and thriving in a trailer house and miserable in a big fancy

Don't try to change your spouse. Love Him for who God made Him to be ~ Cowboy boots and all.

Dear 21 Year Old Me,

Don't be disappointed when you can't afford to go to Hawaii. Maybe all you can do for your 15th anniversary is get a Priceline room down the road from your parents.

Rejoice in the gift that God has given you in your husband. Be grateful for the work He's done to bring you to this place.

Don't let the kids take over your marriage. Honor and cherish what you have together. Put Him first. Give your hearts fully to each other.

Be generous with forgiveness. Forgive extravagantly just like God has done for all of us. Don't hold on to bitterness or grudges.

Dear 21 Year Old Me,

I know you are looking forward to happily ever after but there will be hard times. There might be days that you wonder if you'll celebrate any more anniversaries.

As wonderful as you are, you will be a selfish inconsiderate wife. As good as your husband looks in his tux today, he isn't perfect either.

That's when it's time to forget the dress and the house and anything other than looking to Christ.

He is the unifier, the healer and the redeemer of marriage. Without Him you are doomed.

Dear 21 Year Old Me,

Your walk down the aisle is short, but the walk through life is a long journey. Don't fight against the lessons you'll learn. Embrace them.

Even though I know you think you know everything and have it all under control, you'll learn a lot. You might gain a few pounds and get some gray hair.

You think shopping at Target is lame, but soon that will be the classiest place you shop.

You'll be on your way to becoming a more mature and Christ like version of who you are today.

Dear 21 Year Old Me,

Embrace the journey. There will be beautiful babies that grow into fabulous kids. There will be frustrations and triumphs. There will be nice vans and big ugly ones. There will be times of plenty and times of want. There will be times of deep hurt and disappointment. There will be times of unfathomable joy.

Be willing to let Christ change you on this walk down the aisle of life. Hold on to Him in the hard time and rejoice with Him in the good time.

Dear 21 Year Old Me,

Happy Wedding Day!
I'm going to enjoy my Priceline hotel getaway now.
I'll check in with you in another fifteen years.

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Peter and Nancy said...

This is beautiful and timely -- yesterday was the 15-year anniversary of our engagement! Congratulations to you!