Thursday, September 15, 2011

Recycle and Rediscovery

I’m discovering some hidden benefits of cleaning.  Recycle and Rediscovery. 


I am giving away two Easy Bake Ovens.  Really.


Although they are adorable and a staple girl Christmas gift, I've found they are stupid.  I mean we did have a little fun.  But why buy a mix to make a crumby little cake cooked by a light bulb?  I’d rather put my big girl apron on and make real cookies together that taste good.  So away they go.


I seriously forgot we had a Light Bright in the back of the girls’ closet.  It was a tough toy when we had little babies and toddlers putting things in their mouths and maybe that’s why it got tucked away.  But boy did Maren have fun playing with it.


We did patterns and shapes.  We talked about colors.  That’s definitely staying.


See the exercise ball in the background?  Since I rarely use it for exercise I sent it to school with my daughter.  Her forward thinking teacher lets the kids sit on them during class.  It helps with the wiggles.

I’ll probably get another one though.  I think it would help with my jiggles.


I bought these little candle holders on a trip with my sister-in-law before they moved away from Duluth.  That was…seven or eight YEARS ago.  They’ve been lost in my closet since then. 


I hung them in the bathroom in place of the horribly tacky berry wreath I had in there.  It was probably tacky when I bought it at Wal-Mart for $7.  But six years later?  Yeah that was destined for the dump. 

Recycle and rediscover. 

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