Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December 22

tonight we ditched our Santa hats and turned into birthday elves

because our first born is about to turn twelve

Photo shoot with Kellers 005

the rolls are rising, the presents waiting on the shelf

streamers are hung and now I’m here by myself

sitting in front of the lights of the tree

reminiscing about twelve years ago, how could that be?

there is something special about your first born they say

but there is something special about each one’s birthday

even if we had been blessed with twenty-seven

there’d be something super great about number eleven

and number fourteen

and each one in between

so don’t think I’m showing favoritism here

it’s just that each birthday is so very dear

our first born came early into this world

and he was quickly followed by four little girls

I think God knew when he gave us our son

that we would need one laid-back, drama-free one

my first little baby is growing up

I fit in his shoes and with his appetite can’t keep up

it’s sad in a way to give up my small boy

who I sat and read to as we played with his toys

what I didn’t know is that as he grew

I would love him even more than I ever knew

He’s caring, understanding and willing

to help with cooking and babysitting and shoveling and mowing

but it’s more than just the things he can do

the amazing thing is the person he’s growing into



I always dreaded the baby years drawing to an end

but I’m not losing a baby, I'm growing a friend



christy said...

Aww, that's so sweet! Happy Birthday Grant. I have such great memories of December 1998 and the months that followed.

Peter and Nancy said...

Our oldest son (also drama-free!) turned 10 this year, so may have a tear in my eye as I read this . . .

Happy Birthday, Grant!

Anonymous said...

Grant is a great kid--we sure were excited 12 years ago when Mike called us and said we were grandparents!! We couldn't get there fast enough! Hope you all have a great (and healthy) day!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you mom. I love you, dad, and all my sisters.


Anonymous said...

Thank you mom. I love you, dad, and all my sisters.


Anonymous said...

After reading that I see why my computer is acting funny today. It must be the tear-soaked keyboard at the time of writing. Thanks for being a great mom for our son these 12 years.

Wayne Pederson said...

Very touching, MIchelle. You have such a way of putting feelings into writing. Grant is one great kid. He's growing up so well. I'm very proud to be his grandpa and freind.