Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Knowing It and Showing It

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about family this week.  I really love my family but sometimes it’s hard to put them first even though I want to. Other things get in the way.  I mean, I know the order; God, husband, family.  Sometimes I wonder what my husband and kids will remember when they look back on these years we’ve had together.  Will they remember that I:

was a girl scout leader?

had a clean, organized house?  (that one kind of makes me chuckle!)

did a lot of great things for church?

made a lot of fancy meals?

spent a lot of time of FaceBook?

wrote a blog?

thought everyone else was more important?

didnt’ take time to care and help them with their problems?

I worry that those are the things they’ll remember.  But what I want them to know and remember is that they are the most important thing in my life.  I want them to know that nothing I do outside of our house and family is more important to me than they are.  Not my job, friends, volunteering, exercise, shopping, computer, cell phone or church involvement.  It’s no doubt important to have those outside things.  They just aren’t as important as they are.  I know that, but do I show it?

I want them to remember that I:

finally let them have a puppy because I knew how much it meant to them.  Even though I don’t like dog pee or dog hair in my house.

baked cookies every afternoon when they came home from school.

sometimes dropped my stuff to play with them or listen to the details of their day.

declined other offers, no matter how important, to be at their games and concerts.

walked down the driveway to see them get off the bus.

packed them lunches when split pea soup was on the menu.

read one more bed time story.

let their friends come over and trash my house?

So I am going to start asking myself the question:  what will they remember? 

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SahlbergFamily said...

They'll definitely remember the cookies and you being there after school. I remember that the most about my mom. She was always there and had cookies for me after school. Just being there is such a HUGE thing!