Sunday, August 29, 2010

'Tis the Season

Everyone knows that as Christmas approaches women kick it into high gear: shopping, baking, wrapping, decorating and parties. They have lists and lists. Some wake up early to shop on black Friday. Cell phones buzz as they talk about deals and traditions and gifts. Large groups of women gather to bake cookies. Men don't understand that. They try to ignore it or just watch a lot of football.

Well, there's another season coming. This one is different. Male social circles are buzzing. Men I didn't realize even knew how to use a phone are calling about arrows and bows. Camouflage things are being created.

Men are gathering around targets. Camouflage coats and masks are being aired out. For weeks. To get rid of the scent. Really, do your clothes smell that bad?

That's right it's time for hunting. As much as Mike doesn't understand my compulsion to make everything perfect for Christmas, I do not understand hunting. Why would you choose to walk into the woods in the dark and sit in a tree stand in the freezing cold to bring home a bunch of meat that no one really likes. Seriously, who likes venison? (Ok, I do a little bit now). I know Pa Ingalls did it but I'm pretty sure they didn't have perfectly good meat at Super One Foods.

I may not understand but I'm just going to go with it. Man time in the woods and a freezer full of meat is worth a lot. And I don't want to hear one word when I get up at 4:00 a.m. to forge my way into the cold, fight the crowds and go shopping on Black Friday. I may, in fact, have to air my own clothes out after that. It may even be a benefit to wear a little camo that day.

To each his own.


Anonymous said...

Hit it hard Mike. Don't forget the face paints and the cover spray. They just don't understand the work and dedication to our kraft. POWER TO THE MIGHTY HUNTER!

Check this out and you may start to see it our way.

Peter and Nancy said...

Is he using a sewing machine to create manly hunting accessories??! Wow! Impressive.